#SFenthusiast #Twitter10k Flash Opinion

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Image courtesy of @TechCrunch

The Flash Opinion: “Ask not what @twitter @jack can do for you, ask what can you do for @twitter @jack.”


Twitter is an open feed un-walled garden (unlike Facebook). All the way from the code to the UI to the UX to the great people of the Twitterverse.

It’s the Twitter Way: We’re a bold fearless open loving & giving community. Come join us! We’re not afraid to help, and connect all the way to IRL (In Real LIfe)!

On Twitter I’ve had lovely chats with influencers, and brands of all sizes not too mention just great people for myself, and for my clients from people around the globe.

Well, now that I’m over the #Twitter10k shock that many of us went through, I like what @FalconSocial has to say. Article here: http://fal.cn/KGPp

How would you like to help @twitter @jack today? HInt: That’s us helping each other on Twitter to continue to make it a great place to be! Lemme know in the comments below, at @SFenthusiast, or #SFenthusiast stream on Twitter.

Much Love! ❤

– Steve Morozumi

Founder, SFenthusiast, The Art of Strategic Social Branding