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I firmly believe the purpose in life is to enjoy it!

Play, laughter, positive support, and encouragement is the optimal learning platform that engenders creativity. Laughter, and positive emotion has been proven to enhance limbic system functions (involved in motivation, emotion, learning, and memory).

We were put here to enjoy life: those whom are enjoying life learn the fastest. Learning is key to survival, and fun.

To find a purpose within your social brand:

Play your way through your reinvention, or your rebrand with a branding mentor with a proven methodology.

Part of it may be handing out a branding assessment questionnaire to trusted peers, and influencers, filling out charts, and doing things that have to do directly with your formal rebranding process.

Personal branding is not done in a vacuum by yourself. It’s not even about you. On a daily basis it’s about being in community, and what you can do to serve the world, and consistently refining it down to exactly how you will serve, and most importantly: WHY?, and why you? Uncovering your core values within your trusted community/ies can be helpful to your WHY?, and why you?

If you are rebranding your personal brand, and want to know in more detail regarding how I’m going about it: drop me a line in the comments below, or a tweet here: @SFenthusiast. I’d be more than happy to share the details, or even journey with you as you rebrand too!

Much Love!

– Steve Morozumi

Founder, SFenthusiast, The Art of Strategic Social Branding



#SFenthusiast #Twitter10k Flash Opinion

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The Flash Opinion: “Ask not what @twitter @jack can do for you, ask what can you do for @twitter @jack.”


Twitter is an open feed un-walled garden (unlike Facebook). All the way from the code to the UI to the UX to the great people of the Twitterverse.

It’s the Twitter Way: We’re a bold fearless open loving & giving community. Come join us! We’re not afraid to help, and connect all the way to IRL (In Real LIfe)!

On Twitter I’ve had lovely chats with influencers, and brands of all sizes not too mention just great people for myself, and for my clients from people around the globe.

Well, now that I’m over the #Twitter10k shock that many of us went through, I like what @FalconSocial has to say. Article here: http://fal.cn/KGPp

How would you like to help @twitter @jack today? HInt: That’s us helping each other on Twitter to continue to make it a great place to be! Lemme know in the comments below, at @SFenthusiast, or #SFenthusiast stream on Twitter.

Much Love! ❤

– Steve Morozumi

Founder, SFenthusiast, The Art of Strategic Social Branding